Monday, April 11, 2011

Into April

I finished the baby blanket:
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash 
Size 7 needles (dpn & circular)

I then cast on for a couple of pair of socks…. 

Pair one: Working name is tidal pool duex... more later on this one
Pair two:  April PSC / Journey Cable Socks in Fireweed Dyeworks blue/green

But mostly I have been distracted by welcoming Iowa's newest residents…

If you missed any of the news reports or commentaries, the world seems to have discovered the anticipation of watching and waiting for eagles to hatch.  I have to admit that I was pretty drawn in last weekend and this past week.  I was fortunate to have tuned in just in time to see #3 breaking out of its shell.  It was pretty mesmerizing and a cool experience if I do say so myself.   I'm keeping the link on my favorites so I can peek every now and again to see what’s happening.  It’s fun to see the day to day changes in the eaglets, so this will probably go on until they “fledge” or leave the nest this fall. 

And I'm finally a member of the tribe of ‘smart phones’ … We’ve been eligible to upgrade our phones for about a year now, but put it off for a lot of reasons.  Last month we decided to get it over with… but had to be on a waiting list for about a week or so to get the new phones…. So far it seems to be worth the wait. There's a bit of a learning curve for this old gal, so  I’ve spent a lot of time learning and playing on this thing trying to get myself up to par.  I may even figure out how to post the blog from it one of these days. 

We’ve got a trip to see grandkids coming up,(This may or may not have involved some super-secret knitting that I can't post just yet) so I’m pretty excited about that.  Hopefully the long car ride will help me catch up on some neglected knitting projects.

Happy Knitting,