Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

Okay, so I have written up a chatty, picture laden post, but for some reason, I can't get the picture uploader thinga-madoo to work ... so, no pics, no post, Sorry, please standby for future knitting goodness. Knit on Nana

Monday, September 14, 2009

And Off I Go!

Stitches Midwest has come and gone. I am catching my breath and preparing for my next big adventure today. I’ll be meeting up with my hubby this evening for a get-away in Las Vegas. I’m sure you are wondering if I showed the proper restraint around the sock yarn. The answer is “it’s complicated” LOL. Actually I did pretty well, but a couple other types of yarn might have twisted my arm a bit and charmed my credit card right out of my wallet. But before I get to my haul, I just wanted to talk about my class. I took the class called Argyle Socks in the Round with Suzann Thompson and boy did my brain get a work out! The class was excellent. The technique was completely different than what I expected, but I was up for the challenge. The best way I can describe it is as sort of an entrelac-meets intarsia sort of thing happening. But anyway, here is a look at my partial sock. I had quite a few reversal episodes in class so I didn’t get it any farther than this, but I did go home and practice it some more with some different yarn and I think I have it down now.
The rest of stitches left me quite inspired; from the beautiful Jane Slicer-Smith book that was introduced during the opening session to the wonderful garments modeled by the students at the banquet. It was a full and busy weekend! So here’s what I bought:
From the top left; a sock pattern; a skein of Buffalo Gold, 2 skeins of Kauni yarn (see credit card charming) (I couldn’t pick between these colors), free pattern for a Kauni shawl; two heel and toe skeins of sock yarn from Miss Babs (see “it’s complicated”); one skein of lace weight from creatively dyed (see arm twisting); three mini skein’s of Planet Earth Fiber beaded yarn (bling!); buttons from Gail Hughes; Signature sock needles (size 1.5); highlighter tape, a sheep yarn bobbin w/ mini sock and mitten pattern; and the book “7 Things that Can Make or Break a Sweater” by Margaret E. Fisher (autographed). There’s also a really nice needle gauge that is already in my gadget bag. Whew! That’s a few more things than were on my list, but I tried.
And just in case you were wondering, the kitties have figured out that I’m leaving them….
I’m off to see my sweetie! Happy Knitting

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

There's Never a Day Without Cats Here

This is Saucey's response to the internet effort for a day without cats:

Getting Ready for Stitches

There's been much to do here and at work the last week or so, but I'm getting a few things done that need to be.
The Swallowtail Shawl is off the needles and blocking!

Pattern: Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn Clark

Yarn: Knit Picks Shimmer in Cumulus Size 4 Additurbo Lace needles

Mostly, though, I have been working and helping get the shop ready for our first time as being a vendor at Stitches Midwest. We have been busy creating kits for several different patterns which is busy work at its best. I think Linda has been doing nothing but for the last two weeks. I won’t actually be working in the booth since I signed up for classes, etc. But, I will be covering some store hours to keep the shop going while we are at Stitches.

In addition to that I finished my homework for my class and of course I’ve been thinking/dreaming about what I will find at the market. So like so many others, I did a little review of what’s in my stash and UM, I might have a wee little bit of sock yarn.

(it’s divided into cool and warm colors here) I’ve heard it doesn’t count as stash, but yeah, I think I might be good for a little while.

I think it got that way because I’m not exactly effective at saying “no” to the acquisition of new sock yarn. Here’s a skein that has recently been acquired, thanks to my friend Kelly who attended sock summit and picked this out for me. (I might have slipped her some money before she left) The two little knitted socks in the pick were from other summit attendees who sent them as gifts. (Thanks to knitnana and melidomi) So if you are going to Stitches and see me lurking outside of any of the booths selling sock yarn, tap me on the shoulder and point out something else QUICK! Especially if you see me reaching for my credit card. Finally, at some point last weekend I needed a little knitting diversion, so I whipped this up. My dishcloths all started falling apart recently so it seemed like exactly the right project:

Pattern: My Coffee Cup by Enid Danforth

Yarn: Peaches & Creme color 89 Camel

Size 8 needles

Now I'm off to try and finish some socks....

Happy Knitting