Monday, August 27, 2007

More work to do

The organizing projects are still underway. I had to take a break from the family room over the weekend to give my husband a hand with the garage. With the exception of some stuff that needs to go to charity, everything is up off the floor as he wants and it is looking very spiffy. The office project is on hold until we make a decision about furniture. We did get some good ideas when we went to the Container Store ( for the garage shelving. This is officially one of my husband's favorite stores. Right up there with Home Depot and Menards. I'm sure the new Lowe's they are building up the street will take over first place once it's open. So with all that said, I still have some sewing stuff and some scrapbooking stuff to sort, purge and store in the craft area part of the family room. That's my organizing "to do" list for this week!
On the knitting front, I got one sock done and am ready to cast on for the second. Since I'm winging the pattern, hopefully I can duplicate it exactly. (or close enough for my standards). I haven't grafted the toe yet, just in case I find an error and need to make adjustments.
I tried to get a close-up of the cable, it's a modified X, O cable, but I'm not sure you can tell from this shot. I'm thinking about calling the pattern "tidal pools"

1 comment:

bobbi said...

the socks are GREAT!
if i'm reading correctly it is your pattern. i'm impressed to say the least.
they are beautiful and yes i can see the pattern.