Thursday, August 2, 2007

Stitch N Pitch and other Knitting

Here's a nice picture of me at the game.

Well, the stitch-n-pitch night at the Brewer's game turned out to be pretty fun. The game went thirteen innings with the Brewers finally coming out on top. We were wimps and left after the end of the 7th (Hubby had to work the next day). We did listen to the game on the radio all the way home right up thru the beginning of the 10th. We had to get the final score the next morning! Anyhoo, the game was fun and the goodie bag was nice! I met a nice lady from Delafield, WI who is going to be in one of my classes at the Stitches Midwest. She and I narrowly missed being beaned by a foul ball due to the quick warning by my husband to "watch out" when the ball flew into the stands. It landed one row behind us. Of course my husband was then pouting because a) he didn't bring his glove and b) he "would have caught the ball if he hadn't lost it in the lights at the last second" :) Men are great fun!
Here's one of my current work in progress. I'm doing a cute little hoodie for my grand-neice (my brother's daughter Kelly is the mom) who is due in September.

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Cori said...

See Mom...this is why I love you. Baseball *and* knitting! :) *hug*