Friday, August 31, 2007


Just a quickie, it's been a pretty draggy week, but I've managed to make progress on both my organizing project and my socks. I have the craft stuff 98% organized and if we get pictures hung in the family room this weekend, I will consider it done with the right to tweak it down the line. One upside of doing all this organizing is that I found $14.00 worth of loose change that was tucked into a box. It has been there at least 2 or more years and has been moved twice with me never opening it! Now I have an empty box and a little cash to stash for my yarn fund (LOL). No picture today. I wanted to take some pictures of the construction site up the road to make me feel better about my projects, but alas, did not feel much like going for a walk either, and all my errands were far enough to have to go by car.

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bobbi said...

TGIF. wow found $$$.