Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wednesday Rambles

I made a little progress on my organizing project. Got thru the sewing stuff and purged all the fabric I’ve been moving around but never sewing. Got it down to stuff I’m really gonna sew; stuff to use for knitted purse linings (big plans!); and stuff I might sew but with an expiration date “toss if not used by …” Today I have to cut the pieces for one of the actual sewing projects (motivation - if I just store it, who knows if I’ll really make it?!) Next up is the pile of papers that I think might be stuff for scrap booking. It’s the basket I’ve been scared to go through.
Besides the organizing, I did get part of the leg done on #2 Tidal Pools sock and made a pan of “experimental recipe” veggie lasagna for my hubby. It tasted good, but all the veggies made the sauce too watery for his preference. For me there was not as much cheese as I like in my lasagna on account of his lactose problem. I’ll probably stick with the tried and true recipe from now on and make him pick off the cheese.
On a final note, the internet is a really weird place (if it can even be properly called a “place”). It used to amuse and amaze me how different computer applications that do basically the same function can be set up and operate so differently especially when you get into people (human resource) related applications. I’ve pretty much lived in a sheltered little intranet world since most of my work was on closed network Army or DOD computers and although we could go out on the internet for minimal things usage was closely watched and restricted. That, coupled with the fact that until about a year ago we had an ancient PC with dial-up and not much desire to touch a computer at home after spending the whole day at work doing computer database stuff meant I did little more than check my bank balance or look at a retail website from time to time at home. You might say that I worked on computers for 20 years or so, but never really played with them... So, where was I, oh, yeah . . . I don’t have a vast amount of experience with different programs and the way they work, but yesterday, I signed up on myspace so that I could see my daughter (and son-in-law’s) pages. I did little more than establish a profile and post a link to this blog. So if you want to find me on myspace, I’m nanaknits21. But you won’t find much there. Since this is where I started out, I don’t plan to duplicate efforts at this point.

PS~ I almost forgot to brag about first daughter and her husband buying a house! They closed on an older house in a nice Fort Worth neighborhood last week. I’m so proud of them!

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