Friday, September 28, 2007

Is it really Friday?

Wow, this week really wooshed along! I had at least meant to do a blog entry for Wednesday. I was going to reminisce about what I was doing 26 years ago on the 26th of Sep. It’s kind of a family joke, but the correct answer is NOT watching Nolan Ryan pitch his 5th career no hitter. I was doing that, but actually, I was in labor with my second daughter. The fact that she held off until aforementioned baseball game was complete almost had me convinced that she would be a boy, who would unfortunately have been named “Nolan” or slightly better “Ryan” by a baseball crazed dad. Fortunately he couldn’t think of any feminized versions of those names when we saw the most beautiful bundle of pinkness tucked into a blanket. I knew at first sight she was a very special girl. She is now a very beautiful woman who I am proud to call my daughter. On the funny family facts front… baby Kayla was 6lbs 14 oz and 20 inches long. Which was exactly the same statistics of dd#2 when she was born 26 years ago; and Kayla’s mom Kelly (dd#2's cousin) is a “twin” as family resemblances go, too funny! Just for fun, here's a group shot of the "Aunt T" look alikes from an family reunion almost 10 years ago. Kelly and DD2 are on the left. I'm the one center front. (This is before I went and wacked off all my hair) The rest of the group is "Aunt T" and two other nieces.
We are still waiting for a picture of the new baby from proud parents and/or grandma and grandpa.

Not much knitting news to report. I have cast on for the SAM4 October socks and am working through the 2nd go around with the 2nd afghan square. The first being slightly too big and putting me in danger of running out of yarn.

Since my blogging has gotten out of sync of late, I missed the chance to have fun with the whole "talk like a pirate" day thing last week. So if anyone else missed it, here's your chance to at least explore your pirate name:
Turns out if you ran into me on board a pirate vessel, I'd be known as "The Evil Mermaid Constance" (hee, hee, hee)

Some of the quizzes and gee whizzes out on the internet these days are silly, aren't they?
In other family news we found out our newest grandbaby due in Feb will be a girl. Rumor has it her name will be Atlanta Marie. DH and I are slightly horrified by this... but, alas, Nana and Papa don't have naming rights. DH and I have been trying to figure out if there's a neutral nickname in there we can adapt... best we've come up with so far is Lanie.
I took Zelda back to the vet yesterday and she got a clean bill of health from the vet, so no more ear drops (we both did a happy dance about that).
So for the first full weekend of fall we are going to celebrate by going to a Harvest Festival.
Have a happy knit filled weekend everybody!

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