Thursday, September 6, 2007

Work in Progress

Progress notes on Lotus Blossom tank #2 –

First a bit of history… this project is labeled as “#2” because this is my second attempt to knit this pattern for myself. The first time I started knitting it at the family reunion last summer, figured out my needle size wasn’t right, changed needles then re-knit it at least once trying to get gauge, continued to knit after the second time of beginning again even though I had mounting suspicions that the size would not come out right. Completed on trip to Indianapolis, attempted to block on hotel ironing board; blamed funny fit on bad blocking; got home, re-blocked. I’m sorry to say it still did not fit and I ended up giving it away to a deserving person, who I hope is wearing and enjoying it.

But I love, love, love this pattern. IK summer 2006 cover sweater…

So, I was determined to knit one for myself.

Now, after working up my courage to face it again, I cast on 200 stitches in mid August. Worked about 6 rows, and then set it aside to organize the family room and work on my more portable tidal pool socks.

Finished said socks around the 4th of September and decided it was time to get on with the tank. Picked it up and knit thru row 9 which is the point where you change to smaller needles… decided it looked a little large.
Transferred stitches to waste yarn; spread out to an even tension, measured. Four inches too big - to be exact.

Threw on the floor and started another set of socks to soothe my wounded knitterly pride.

Humph. . .

Picked it up again yesterday afternoon; frogged everything; did some math; went to stitch and share planning on working on it there, forgot needles.
Worked on sock.
Got home and cast on 180 stitches (two pattern repeats less).

Knit happily thru row four this morning… realized that I had cast on with the smaller needles and not the larger as pattern dictates. (Said bad words)

Decided that I did not want to defy the knitting gods or this part of the instructions in the pattern.

Frogged again…
Ate some chocolate. Played on computer.

Watched Jeopardy: cast on 180 stitches on correctly sized needles.
Am now up to row 5. Woo, hoo!
I’ll keep you posted.
Do these cats look hungry?


SciFiTVFanGirl said...

Mom, I really hope the sweater works out for you! I know how much you love the pattern (I love it too, by the way). *hug*

bobbi said...

The tales of a knitter. I think I've felt the same way many many times. it's a very pretty sweater, i can see why you wont' give up, good for you.
pretty cats.