Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Peace of Mind and Multi-Tasking

This is how far I was on the felted purse this morning:

This is where I am now:

Just 3 more rounds, the flap and the straps left to do and then the felting!

I probably would be knitting on the straps already, but today was another day with an altered schedule. I had to go out for an appointment this AM and that siphoned off some knitting time. But again, it was important. Had to get the annual mammogram done. Don’t like it much, but it’s worth the few minutes of discomfort once a year to know that there’s nothing wrong. I worked on DH’s gift while I was waiting instead of dragging along the felted purse. A little multi-tasking again. Not much to show yet on that project.

After reading the Yarn Harlot's latest post, I don’t feel quite so bad about my knitting schedule. And I don’t intend to waste any knitting time learning to curl. This was just a quick “break” from knitting to do this post. I have to go start dinner and get a few other things done, but hopefully this bag will be done tonight and the next one ready to cast on.

Wish me luck!

1 comment:

sharon said...

I have come to realize that I can only get done what i can. Whatever is finished can be gifted and the rest can go later. I'm only human.
The hats look great and keep on going on the purse!!!