Friday, December 7, 2007

The Week that Wasn’t…

What it should have been. All I wanted to do this week was crawl under a comfy blanket and hibernate.

I wish I could say I was productive, but I really haven’t kept up my standard. Tuesday, I finished up the Hoodie (but there’s more to that story).

On Wednesday, I was in a knitting funk; I stopped and started a lot of little things. There was also dithering about a possible trip to MI this weekend which thankfully fell through. Thursday, I made a mess of the house trying to decorate for Christmas. (It’s a little better, but still needs work). Today was work and shopping (since I didn’t on Weds). So I’ve only been home a little while.

Oh, yeah, the “rest of the story”; I finished the Hoodie for Eli but it befell disaster. Let me just tell you, I still have some long ago knitters’ admonition ringing in my ears on this one. “Never Knit a Knot!” In this case, include manufacturer’s yarn joins. Ugh, I should have known better, when I did the second swatch, I noticed a couple of these joins or slubs in the yarn. The yarn came in center pull balls already, but I re-wound the first skein for the sweater just to be safe and started knitting away happily. It was fine, so I grabbed another one. I figured maybe just the skein I swatched with was bad and foolishly started that skein without re-winding it to check for bad places. Mistake! I knit halfway up the back and one of those little critters appeared. It seemed tiny and harmless at the time so I just left it there. No problem, right! What could go wrong? Well see for yourself…

Yep, when I washed it, the darn thing came apart. The stitch just disintegrated. So now there is a big hole in the back of the really cute Hoodie I just knit for my Grandson. Waaah! The good people at Knit Picks have refunded me for the bad skeins I used. I’m still deciding whether to send the 11 other skeins that were left over back. (Yeah, I made sure I had plenty – this is a gift we’re talking about, I wasn’t taking any chances when I ordered). Okay, so you’re thinking maybe it’s fixable. Well maybe it is, but my solution was to start the whole sweater over with a different yarn. (It’s about to the halfway point)

So the tally this week is one sweater finished but not “present-able”; another sweater started; One hat started, but neglected; A gift exchange gift (for party tonight) needing wrapped; Christmas decorating only partially done. Oh yeah, and I need to bake 4 dozen cookies between now and tomorrow afternoon. But at least I have ingredients.

So, just to end this on a good note: here’s a little video of Zelda helping with the garland

And, she also helped unload the dishwasher:

I’m going to go decorate or bake…. Have a nice weekend!


sharon said...

That's awful!!
All that work ... and you are right, it would never be right in your own eyes and therefore you would always think about the holes.

Karen said...

Oh man, that hurts!!! I've had that happen to yarn I've knit with too. Nothing more painful than your knitting falling to pieces. :(