Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bits and Pieces

I don’t have much excitement going on today. I worked on my Army file organization project some. I’m getting there. All that is left to do is integrate the smaller (formerly larger) stack of files into the ones in the black folders and eliminate the duplicate documents, then whew! All evidence of my Army career will be contained in one place.

Of course, now I have this pile of shredding to deal with. (hee!)

Earlier, I got so inspired and excited by Becca’s entry about these socks that I wanted to jump right in my car and head to the nearest LYS to buy more Noro sock yarn, fortunately (or unfortunately), it’s starting to snow (again), so I think the afternoon will be better spent working on something I’ve actually started knitting; probably the ILG sock.

While I was checking out blogs, I also saw this contest on a link from Deb’s blog and decided to share the news… heck the rules even encourage it. Go ahead; take a few minutes to check it out… I’ll wait.

I don’t want to fall into the trap that the Yarn Harlot did yesterday and spend the whole afternoon on the computer, so since that’s about everything I can think of to write about today I’ll leave you to go and do whatever you do when you’re not wasting, um... spending time online.

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