Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gone, But Not Forgotten

So my only knitting news is that I frogged the Tie-Dyed Boxes Mitered T project. I just couldn’t go on with it anymore. The final straw was when DH commented that the dark rectangle in the middle would just make it look like I was cut in half… since that was the suspicion sneaking up on me as I worked it all along… that was that. I really liked both of the yarns I was using (nay, I lurv the Colinette), just not so much together and not at all with the pattern. Snif…. I really like the pattern.
Both pattern and yarns will eventually be paired up with better yarn / patterns and come out beautiful like I expected them to initially with this project. I didn’t work much on the sock since I was trying to get far enough along with the mitered T to make a decision. I did work on a charity hat during the ‘State of the Union’ speech. I probably won’t be posting pictures of all of these on the blog but I’ve done 3 out of the 4 targeted for Jan, so if I get that one done, I’ll meet my goal. (Maybe a group shot at end of month… hmmmm) I may post a ticker at some point… we’ll see. Today I had other things to tend to such as calling the newspaper office to get compensated for a ripped-to-shreds-soaking-wet edition that was delivered by our so-called-care-ier, so everything else got put on hold. Okay, hmpf; so it really only took like 3 minutes, but it put me in a bad mood most of the morning, and you can guess what said bad mood does to motivation.
Okay… well there was also updating ravelry (and lollygagging around in forums and such) and a pair of pants to hem and well, really there are so many other things around the house that need my attention. Lest you think all I ever do is knit and complain. (Hee, mood is getting better already!) Now, I have some gratuitous yarn eye-candy to show off. Paula from Koffe Klatch spun this up and gave us some last week to play with. I think the blue one is going to get combined with the handspun I bought at the (Wisconsin State) fair last summer for a hat (for me) or scarf…. haven’t exactly decided yet.

But in the meantime, isn’t it pretty?

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Chris Abrams said...

Denise, Sorry to hear about your fall. If you are still going to Lake County Ktog on Thursday, I will take you up on your offer of a ride. Thanks. Love your jaywalkers. I want to make those. Chris