Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nuttin' Honey

Today was one of those days where staying in was the best option. I had to go out for a bit early in the morning and the highest my car thermometer got was 1 degree. Yeesh. So I did just that. I got some knitting done; I photographed the Jaywalker socks
and worked a little on the second I Love Gansey Sock (from the Harvest Sock Swap). But mostly, I watched TV, I zoned in front of the internet a bit (yeah for blogs and Ravelry) and just had a completely laid back stay-indoors kind of day. How about you? Staying warm?


jacobithegreat said...

I randomly came across your blog...

why do you call them "jaywalker" socks?

nanaknits said...

I couldn't reply directly, but that is the actual pattern name. You can see it on Grumperina's site ( It's a nice basic pattern and works good with the "self-striping yarns"