Monday, January 7, 2008

The Time Has Come…. finally organize the office.

Today is a get’r done (started) day! I decided I could not put off getting the office organized much longer. It is in a constant state of disarray and I can’t live with it anymore. I’ve been avoiding it too long. So today I am taking the first step. Getting the book shelves moved to the family room. This has been sort of a back and forth decision. In order to move the shelves, all the books have to come off. I have a LOT of books. If all the books come off, not all of them go back on. Purging is a must. It’s just such a hard thing to do. Thus the procrastination! I love books. I love all my books, but alas, know I have some that I really won’t read again. So today, I dug in. Here’s the stack of books that will be going bye-bye. Hopefully they can find better homes with people interested in the subject matter. Whew! That was hard to do, but much better now that it is done. Next up, relocating the book cases; this means disassembly. (And reassembly) Once the books are moved, the next step will be taking a really good look at how we want the room to function. I’ve had several ideas, but the one most dominant is that we both want to be able to use the room practically and have at least two work surfaces. There must be one area for the computer and another for all other tasks. For me this is a place to play with ideas for knitting projects and to organize my knitting projects. For DH, it’s just a place to spread out when he needs to do any written type work. The upside of getting the office done means I get to relocate my stash and knitting related stuff upstairs so I can clean up the mess surrounding my favorite (knitting) chair in the living room. (With my arthritis, it gets hard to go up and down the stairs too often). But this means another consideration for organizing the office. We need to make a decision on moving the giant cabinet (currently housing my yarn and supplies) upstairs. If we don't, there still needs to be adequate storage to hold my knitting stuff (about 13 bins of STASH)
so it looks neat and orderly – I definitely don’t want to go from one type of clutter to another. Of course the best part, is once the decisions are made and the design created, I get to go out to the container store to buy what I need.... yipee! (Elfa Sale, yeah!)
So, there is still much more to do today and since Saucey has claimed the chair by the computer and I can't get it done while I'm playing around with the blog, I'll end here. More updates as events unfold!


Karen said...

Wow, big job. But it's going to be excellent when it's all finished. I'm doing the same, but with my whole house and one small step at a time. Today I took everything out of the kitchen storage closet, purged and re-arranged. So much better now. I'm trying to decide what to tackle tomorrow.

sharon said...

13 bins of stash - I feel better now, cause I have 1, 4, oh it could be about 10. Keep up the cleaning.

Charlie Chuckles said...

Rather you than me! You should see the state of my office and craft room!!