Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Me and Ted

Are members of the not-so-popular “almost society”
He almost pitched a no-hitter last night which would have made history (back-to-back) after the one Carlos pitched on Sunday.
I almost got my “Hey Teach” done over the weekend. I finished off the knitting on the sleeves Sunday night. I had to wait for it to block a little before the assembly and knitting of the button/neck bands. Sigh Here's the rest of the pieces…
(ick, the picture of the sleeves is blurry, sorry) When I’m done here on the computer I’m going to go see how far I can get towards actually finishing it! Hee, hee
Tomorrow I’m leaving on another trip! I’m going out to CA to see my DD#2 and grandson#1 and then next week her sister (and hubby) will be coming out there as well. So I get to see both my girls!!! There’s gonna be a whole lot of spoilin’ goin’ on!
I hope to be able to do a post or two while I’m out there, because what Nana can resist showing off pictures of her pride-and-joy grandson either?
So now, I’m off to do some knitting and figure out what to pack… Oh, and on a totally unrelated note… if you’re a knitter or crocheter (or know one), and you want to do something specific to help out a Hurricane Ike victim, one of my favorite independent Yarn Dyers, Ray from Knitivity is in the process of trying to recover from Ike. He actually started his yarn business after he relocated to Houston as a Katrina survivor. He could really use some yarn orders to help with the repairs on his roof (and other basic necessities). So, if you love yarn and especially hand-dyed yarn, check him out. The orders might take a little longer than usual, but you won’t regret it, and of course, every little bit helps.

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