Wednesday, May 26, 2010

part II

Crab attack
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Wordless Wednesday

lazy Saucey
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dun, Dun

Like so much else lately, the announcement that the long running series Law and Order was being cancelled was quite abrupt.  Considering last night’s series finale; the familiar sound of Law & Order makes a good theme for this post.

This is my last week of working at the shop.  Right now it sort of feels like I’m a kid getting ready to start summer vacation, but I have to keep reminding myself that my job is done (Done!).  I will really miss everyone that I met and helped with their knitting along the way.  I had such fun working in the shop, learning about yarns, fibers and such, and especially teaching.  I will continue doing private lessons on a limited basis.  That’s a little scary and I’m not quite organized about it yet, but I’ll get there. 

I also have some FO’s. 

Remember the Skew socks, they are done…

Pattern: Skew, Knitty Winter 2009, (Lana Holden)
Yarn: Down Home sock by Knitivity; Aint Gail colorway
Size 1 needles / /Magic Loop

A very strange concept in sock knitting and they actually don’t fit badly, but they are really some weird looking socks.

Also, the Blue on Blue socks are done…

Pattern: My basic sock recipe
Yarn: Claudia Handpainted in Deep Blue and Antique Jeans colorways
Size 1 dpn

I started knitting these for the sock class I taught in April (not realizing it would be my last) I’ve been using them for my back-up on the go knitting and finished these Monday morning. 

Also, I have been sort of between projects and was in a real funk last week so I needed a quick and fun project… this little guy filled the bill.  I give you Claude the Crab.

So if you are ever in a giant funk and need a little knitting pick-me-up; I give the pattern two claws up. 

Pattern: Most Dangerous Crab, Knitty Summer 2009 (Amber Allison)
Yarn: Patons Classic in Bright red and Aran
Size 7 dpn

I’ve got a couple of other things on the needles and one project I’m getting ready to swatch that will make someone very happy.

That’s it for me today, I guess you could say that I’m done… done.

Happy Knitting!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Life is Unpredictable

Well, I have some knitting to tell you about, but first, I have a story or two to tell. On Saturday, my DH and I went out to breakfast. This is not all that unusual, but it’s the first Saturday in a month we’ve been able to do so because I was teaching a Saturday class last month. We like to go to the local IHOP because they usually do the eggs right and of course; the pancakes are always good there. So, we had a nice leisurely breakfast and then as we were leaving, the strangest thing happened. I fainted. It wasn’t pretty. So we spent the next 4 hours or so in the ER so they could check all the things that might have caused me to faint (no idea) and see whether I broke my nose (inconclusive). I have a lovely souvenir of that episode:

I’m recovering well, the bruises are mostly faded and the cut doesn’t look quite so deadly now. Sunday I took it easy and believed things would get back to normal with a fresh new week. I started writing this post on Monday, trying to put a positive on the start of the week, but; when I opened my email on Monday I got some really bad news. The yarn shop I have been working at for the past couple of years has been struggling for the past six months or so (I knew this because I have had pay checks bounce a time or two) and the owner notified us that she will be closing the shop at the end of May! Whoosh - a whole new round of bad landed on our doorstep.

I can’t say it was a huge surprise because at our last staff meeting she indicated we might have to close at the end of the summer, but the suddenness really caught me off guard.

One hidden blessing is that if DH decides to take a job in another location (which he may do) it will make deciding much easier because I won’t have to worry about leaving mine. Yesterday at work many of my current and past students affirmed that they really enjoyed taking my classes and would wish to continue with private lessons if I am willing, so it gives me something positive to take away from the experience. I won’t surrender to the bad just yet!

One thing about being under a lot of stress is that I cope by knitting. So knitting has been going on at full speed. If I had posted this on Monday when I started I’d be showing you several WIPS. But since several days have passed, I can now show you a couple more FO’s.

First, I finished knitting my Vines and Leaves Cardigan last week. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I finished on Thursday, but couldn’t take a picture over the weekend because the sun was just not very cooperative. I don’t have the clasps yet, so you’ll have to imagine them.

Pattern: Vines and Leaves Cardi, Creative Knitting
Yarn: SWTC Terra (alabaster and gold)
Size 4 & 6 needles

The socks I showed you in progress on the last post are finished. I call them Spring in my Step, because the colors remind me of a lawn covered with dandelions (which seem to be everywhere this month).

Pattern: Prism Socks
Yarn: Rio de la Plata Multicolor ply SP30 and Lang Jawoll (83.0043)
Size 2.5mm dpn

I also worked up the infamous Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman (Opinionated Knitter / Knitting Workshop) all of the adjectives other knitters have used to describe this project are apt. It was fun and relatively quick to knit. I added an I-cord edging to the border to give it a little polish. I might do this one again if I have need for a quick little baby gift. Yay EZ! 
 (still needs buttons)

Yarn: Collinette Cadenza Color Gauguin
Size 5 needles

I also started a little shawl, but I’m kind of winging it, so I’m not sure what this will end up looking like, I’ve ripped and reknit the pattern part a couple of times because I can’t get the edge stitches to integrate into the design the way I like, but I’ll come up with something that works.

I also have a two more pairs of socks started and am finishing up the pair I started for my last sock class.  The first pair I started was the Skew pattern from Knitty. This pattern seems to be the most appropriate thing I’m knitting at the moment considering all the events of the past week or so.   I originally started it in this yarn: 
(Knitivity Surprise Me Feb 09/chocolate covered cherries), but it started pooling like this

 and I had to abandon that and find a different yarn. I switched to Knitivity Aint Gail color way and am still getting some pooling but I don’t find it quite so ugly that I’m unwilling to knit further.  

The chocolate covered cherries yarn is being given another chance to redeem itself with the Annetrelac pattern but I haven’t’ started the actual entrelac portion yet, so we’ll see how it goes. 

So that’s what I’ve been up to.  The cats are unaware of all the drama in our life which is just fine. 

Saucey says, I got a good report at my vet appointment, can I please have a treat?

Happy Knitting!