Thursday, November 11, 2010

Miles and Miles

One nice thing about taking short trips is that when we drive someplace, Hubby prefers to do most of the driving… that means lots of knitting time for me.  You might have figured that out from the previous post.  We’re back home now and I am happy to tell you that although I was practically holding my breath on the last repeat before the start of the toe, the main color yarn held out.  I only had approximately 9 yards left over. Whew!  The socks came out nicely.  The pictures not so much, but you can tell that they turned out pretty nice even if you can’t see a great amount of detail.

The remainder
 Pattern: Guitar Man Socks by Rebecca Mercier
Yarn: Creatively Dyed Steele in Kinofuji and Art Yarns Ultramerino in color 124
Size 0 needles magic loop

The socks are unblocked in these photos because these socks are too big for my blockers. I’m not sure how I’ll get them blocked nicely (since they are a gift).  I’ll figure something out.  I really like this pattern and plan to tinker with an adaptation for a smaller foot at some point.  I’ll let you know if/when I figure it out.

In other knitting I am coming along nicely on the Watershed Vest 
 Watershed in the sun

with a little help from my 'assistant'

and the shawl is progressing… 
only 16 more rounds (or 9216 stitches) to go until the next increase row and bind off. 
It kinda feels like I’ve been knitting for miles on that thing.  

And speaking of miles…. a friend recently posted on Facebook that she was trying to knit from stash due to the size of hers.  She went so far as to figure out how much yarn she had in yards, miles etc.  I was intrigued.  So much so, that I (of course) had to go figure out what I have on hand.  I too have been making an effort to knit mainly from stash.  Especially so since we moved and I realized how much yarn I really have.  I now know that I have 85,288.7 yards of yarn including 37,074.1 yards of fingering.  That adds up to about 48 miles (21 miles of sock yarn) give or take a few yards; or roughly 86 pairs of socks and many other projects with the other weights. 

I could knit for miles and miles….

Happy Knitting!



SciFiTVFanGirl said...

I think we've all played that "will I make it?" game at least once in our crafting lives! So glad it worked out for you! And those socks look fantastic! I am sure their recipient will enjoy them whether they get blocked or not.

Also, now I feel the urge to go measure my yarn....thanks for that. Maybe whenever I finally get around to my stash reorg, I can make that a component as well. My poor closet is starting to be overrun...

KnitTech said...

I don't really want to know how many miles of yarn I have.