Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winds of Change

October is done, the election is down in the books, the corn has all been picked, and the winds have blown into our little community and swept most of the leaves off the trees.  Here at casa Nana change is happening.  I got a new job!  Shortly after arriving here in IA, the LYS newsletter announced that the shop was looking for a few people to hire (both for teaching and retail). I knew I was qualified but hesitated to put in an application due to hubby’s impending surgery and the unknown path that would take us down.  Since thankfully that ended up with a good outcome, I felt a little better about the possibility of applying for a job.  I checked in with the owner about the status of the hiring search and ended up with an application to fill out.  I did, had an interview and was hired yesterday.  It should be a good change for us here.  Next it will be hubby’s turn to find something to do :)

I think my knitting woes have finally left as well.  I finished one peacock sock and one of the (giant) Guitarman socks and am still straggling along on the shawl. 

In addition to those projects, I saw this KAL and decided to join in.  It looked like an interesting (and so far) quick project and I had the perfect amount of yarn in my stash.  
So far I’ve got the bottom band done…

Oh, and we did get the TV connection fixed.  I still wouldn't recommend this company to anyone with a choice and am planning to switch as soon as we get one.  Initially we were told we would have to wait until Tuesday (the 2nd) for a repair person, but they did get someone out on Friday, just in time to watch games 2-5 of the World Series.  It was tough picking a team to root for this year since both my DD’s had a team in contention.  So, we went with the underdogs…

Now no more sports talk until April breezes bring baseball back (ha, ha… right!)

Happy Knitting!



SciFiTVFanGirl said...

Ooh, congrats on the new job, and on beating your roadblock! *hugs*

Lynn said...

congrats on the new job! Just make sure you don't spend your paycheck all in one place!!! LOL

KnitTech said...

Congrats on the new job