Friday, March 4, 2011


What do we have here?

Three bags full of sock projects in varying stages:

Project 1 (far right) is the Vegetable thin socks that I started at the end of February, just a basic top-down, 2 row striped sock made possible by the lovely colors of Noro Kuryeon Sock yarn.  These are my lug around and car knitting socks.

Project 2 (bottom left) is the March Mystery Mock from the Sock Knitter’s Anonymous group on Ravelry.  This is my first “mystery” project.  I got clue one on March 1st and whipped it right out.  So far so fun; if sock project #3 wasn’t being such a big PITA, I would probably start the second sock from the other end of the ball, because I’m feeling sort of like a slacker with so many other people posting two sock cuffs already.

Project 3 (top left) is my Personal Sock Club selection for March.  This started out as Cirque.  Right away I started to worry that they were knitting up a little on the big side.  But I tried to give it a chance after all cables pull in right?  Well 3/4s of the way into the cable design, the yarn is very stretchy and they are definitely biggish for me.  I decided to try a different pattern rather than opt for smaller (read size 0) needles.  I poked around in my pattern book but really didn’t come up with something simple enough not to get lost in the yarn colors.  (This yarn is VERY busy).  So I dug up a pattern I need to chart and decided to give it a test knit with this yarn, ha! Not so good.) That got ripped and restarted twice because I am not really happy with a couple elements in the pattern and again, the yarn is overwhelming the detail in the pattern.  Right now I have actually come back to Cirque on the size 0 needles for lack of a better idea.  (Next up is probably plain vanilla socks, but I’d like to do something interesting here.)

The shawl and the sweater are holding their own against all of these socks, but will have to wait their turn for a blog post.  We’ll see what the weekend knitting yields.

 Happy Knitting,


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