Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thoughts from the Archives

I found this list while I was going through some papers and things.  I didn't make note of the original author, but I think it is pretty interesting.   I think a few of these have eluded the members of our current society... maybe we need to reinstate them.

Rules for living

  • Never be idle
  • Make few promises
  • Always speak the truth
  • Live within your income
  • Never speak evil of anyone
  • Keep good company or none
  • Live up to your engagements
  • Never play games of chance
  • Drink no intoxicating drinks
  • Good character is above everything else
  • Keep your own secrets if you have any
  • Never borrow if you can possibly help it
  • Do not marry until you are able to support a wife
  • When you speak to a person, look into his eyes
  • Save when you are young to spend when you are old
  • Never run into debt unless you see a way out again
  • Good company and good conversation are the sinews of virtue
  • Your character cannot be essentially injured except for your own acts
  • If anyone speaks evil of you let your life be so that no one believes him
  • When you retire at night, think over what you have done during the day
  • If your hands cannot be employfully used, attend to the culture of your mind
  • Read the above carefully and thoughtfully at least once a week

I only have one to add.... 

Knit (or create) a little every day 

Happy Knitting


Zelda says, 

Reach out and text someone you love....

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