Friday, April 11, 2008

3 Layers of Dust

The floors are 99.9% complete. The trim work around the edges and the “transitions” (a fancy name for the piece that goes between two types of flooring) in the doorways still need to be done as well as the top of the stairs. Meanwhile, I’ve been busy trying to remove something like three layers of dust from everything, including the new floor. I “Swiffer-ed” and dusted and dusted and “swiffered” and I think I may even have dusted with the swiffer. I haven’t taken any pictures yet because DH wants to buy some protectors for all the feet, legs, footings, and anything-that-touches-the-floor thingies just as a precaution against any accidental scratches. So none of the furniture is back where it goes. Can I just tell you how NUTS this is making the poor cats? I think all this chaos and dust is getting to me a little bit too. For example, I was knitting in the bedroom, far from my usual spot and I had to go into the office to fetch a darning needle. When I came back, a tragedy (of sorts) occurred. As a result of above chaos, I had my WIP socks plus a set of needles one size smaller, plus a set of addi turbos in my sock pouch. I left it on the chair and when I came back I accidentally sat on my sock pouch…. The addi’s are bent and I broke two size zero clover sock needles... oh, and ahem there is a slightly bat-bite-like scratch on my rear. (Um, you know… just like the tell-tale bite marks in all the Dracula movies). Yeesh! So, then I decided to take some pics of my knitting and other things, but the camera batteries went dead, sigh! Maybe I’ll have it more together tomorrow.

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sharon said...

That's a crime - needles are not permitted to break. Call the police or something. You know what - blame dracula.
I hate renovation dust. Just found some new stuff in the 'undershelf or my stove'. ugh