Monday, April 21, 2008

What I Shouldn’t Post About…

Our neighbor across the street has the scariest messy garage I have ever seen. I mean just seeing the door open makes us cringe. The thing is full front to back and floor to ceiling – literally. Today they are cleaning out the garage… I am compulsively sitting at my window watching all the stuff being carried out. Very Rear Window-ish of me, I know. I’m terrible. I can’t help this awful fascination. I won’t post pictures, so as not to violate their privacy, but, wow. There was sure a lot of stuff in there!

My three projects are plugging along, but somehow April doesn’t seem to be keeping pace. I mean, Holy Cow! It’s already the 21st! When did that happen? It seems like the month just started… maybe the last two days of actual spring weather are just messing with my head….I only think it should be the beginning of April because the weather is finally like the beginning of April.

This weekend we finished putting the upstairs back together and, boy is it nice. We really like the new floors. Since I didn’t take any pictures of knitting and it would be rude to post any of the scary garage; here’s a quick peek at the new floor…

One of the upsides of having everything discombobulated during the installation was that instead of putting everything back exactly as it was before, I had a chance to edit and purge some of the little knick-knacky things that were just collecting dust. I guess you could call it a kick-start on spring cleaning. And very fortunately our church is hosting a rummage sale in May to raise money for the youth group missions’ trips… so we’ll have lots of stuff to contribute!

Maybe I should let the neighbors in on my secret ... a little purging now and then is good for your space and your soul!

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jacobithegreat said...

all that cleaning and floor installing must have worn out the kitty :o)