Thursday, May 15, 2008

Knitting Frenzy

I’ve been in a knitting frenzy the last few days. Projects I currently have on the needles:
1. Monkey Socks
2. Socks to Match my Vest *
3. Dishcloth (May KAL)
4. 2nd Branching Out Scarf
5. Purple sock (repair)
6. Shop Socks (only worked on at work)
But I think… maybe … I’m coming down with a bit of staritis … here’s a list of potential projects that are clamoring to be cast on:
1. Aquaphobia socks
2. Sweater for DD#1
3. Summery T-shirt in bamboo
4. Lacy Tank
5. Baby gifts for 2 babies due in June
I just keep thinking of new things I want to do and start and then I want to work on that and not what I’m already doing. And dang, every new magazine and pattern book I see lately has at least three things I want to make, hrmpf… so many lovely patterns, only so many sets of needles…
There is good news in all of this though; I finished the Diagonal Delight Vest “Cool Shadows” project. Well… except for blocking and sewing on buttons. So here’s a peek:
*I was so happy about finishing the vest that I immediately cast on for matching socks with the leftover yarn. It’s a sport weight merino so they should be a quick knit. They will each have 3 of the seven colors and both will have the seventh. I’m going to knit both at the same time on magic loop. It’s kind of a fun project so I just couldn’t wait to start.
In the meantime, I had this pair of purple socks that I love but they were like the first or second pair I knit and a tad on the large side, so I decided to rip out the toes and knit them a little shorter… a quick fix, but time away from knitting on my other projects. I knit most of it last night and will finish these before I go to work today. Heck, I might just wear them!


Terese said...

Wow, those buttons are going to be perfect for that vest! I don't remember ever seeing such a good choice of buttons for a project! :D

Happyplace. said...

oooooooh, love that vest!
The colors are awesome!
and those buttons...perfect...
I really like your blog, you get so much knitting done!

Sue said...

Your vest is gorgeous! And good choice on the buttons. How nice that they matched so well.