Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Harlot Has Landed and Other Stuff

(our group: me, Melissa with Trella, Stephanie with Helen, Christine (in back), Michelle and Kelly)

Yes! It is true that on Friday June 20th, the Yarn Harlot descended on Chicago and made it to the second edition of her Oak Lawn book signing. (Thanks Nana's!) Did we have fun? You betcha! The day started out a little cloudy (and I can’t repeat the things that might have been yelled at those clouds…) but not so bad-weatherish so as to prevent a plane from approaching or landing in O’Hare. I rode down to Oak Lawn with Christine and the delightful Helen since the other members of our group took a jaunt out to the Fold in Marengo to stock up on … what else… more yarn. The met us down in Oak Lawn. We hadn’t actually determined a meeting time or place, but it seemed logical to stop by at Nana’s Knit shop before we did anything else and lo and behold, there was the other half of our group already talking to the Harlot herself and (drum roll please) Franklin! We got a bonus pre-event visit and photo op right then and there. (Pardon the “squees” from my inner fan-girl). I also presented my “gifts” of the Violet washcloth and emergency chocolate to Stephanie and she seemed to like both. Yes that’s the same washcloth pattern that I was previously designing – I wanted to do something representative of IL and chose our state flower the Violet. I didn’t get a chance to visit with Franklin there because they were whisked off a few minutes later. So after a little browsing in the shop, we left and went to a nearby restaurant and had a leisurely dinner, and then headed over to the hotel to claim our seats… there was a short wait in line as we arrived about five minutes before the doors open - I used that opportunity to go to the restroom (having consumed 2 iced teas and half a glass of water at dinner). The line had progressed to the point where right as I walked out of the restroom, I was able to join our group and enter the ball room. Do we have the timing thing going on tonight or what? Stephanie’s talk was funny and insightful and we really had a thoroughly fun time. I managed to work the mis-matched socks to the point of starting the heels while she spoke. After her talk we had to wait in line (some more) for the book signing part, but due to having brought enough knitting for a four day trip that was no problem. I whipped out the Aquaphobia sock which was still on probation after misbehaving during meet-up Thursday night. I worked on it some and did my best to get back on track with the heel – I managed right up until the point we got to where Franklin was hanging out and then I had to stop and do a little chatting with him and take a picture (of course). He’s as nice in person as I imagined he would be! I resumed the sock knitting for the rest of the wait and the sock began to settle down and cooperate, so I let it get its 5 seconds of fame and be held by Stephanie when we got our “official” book signing picture taken. All in all, it was an excellent way to spend an evening.

So what could be better than that? Well, I’ll tell you, Saturday was my birthday, and DH did his very best to spoil me most of the day. We had a lazy morning (well had to get out of bed early, but laid around the house and drank coffee); then a stop at Caribou for coffee, a trip to the mall and a new pair of Capri pants; a late dinner out and a nice relaxing evening finished off by a soak in a bubble bath. Hardly excitement, but I’m at that age where doing what you really want to do is a great present. Besides, I already showed off pictures of my new needles and yarn that “he” bought for me. (You know, he authorized the purchase, to get off the hunter-gatherer-of-gifts hook). Now if he could just train the cats to let me sleep in on my b-day…. LOL!


Karen said...

Happy birthday!!! Sounds like the perfect, relaxing day.

So glad The Harlot was finally able to make it to Chicago!!! Hurray!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. :)

sharon said...

she only lives an hour and a half away and I've seen her once. You got pictures with her. arrgghh
Happy Birthday!!