Thursday, June 5, 2008

Planning and Playing

So, what have I been doing besides instead of knitting? I’ve been planning more knitting projects, playing with yarn, planning the Boot Camp for Socks we’re having at the shop, playing with ideas for the event… that sort of thing . . . and a teeny little bit of knitting
The sum total of my accomplishments so far this week:
Wound yarn for a secret swap project, narrowed down pattern possibilities to three (next step; swatching)
Knit and frogged and re-knit 4 inches on a baby sweater (baby due yesterday… Aunty d says it’s okay to hold out a little longer fella! Oops, sorry your mommy won’t like that!)
Finished toe of 1st Aquaphobia sock and cast on and knit cuff and four repeats on second sock
Knit 2 inches on mis-matched socks
Surfed around on ravelry getting more project ideas and playing in forums
Sewed buttons on finished vest (debated putting in reinforcement on button band, but realized I didn’t really need it)

(please disregard frizzy haired model with camera unfriendly face)

Knit mini-socks samples of Tofutsies
Wound up two skeins of Noro Sock Yarn
Now I’m sure, someone out there is thinking or even saying out loud, “why bother, the yarn comes in center pull skeins already! For crying out loud, are you nuts?” Well, in a word, probably, but I have my reasons. This goes back to project planning. I’m planning a project for this yarn and due to the number of people who have posted comments about how this yarn can be full of surprises, like cut and tied places, enormous thick spots, weird color changes, etc. I thought it best to wind the yarn so I could eliminate the element of surprise before I start this project. The main thing is I really wanted to be able to see all of the colors hidden in the yarn. If you are a fan of or have ever even used any of the Noro self-striping yarns, you will know that every once in a while there will be a completely hidden color deep in the little skein that you just don’t see when you poke around looking for the end to start knitting … then HELLO! … You are knitting away and along comes a color that is the vilest shade of puce or mustard or whatever color it is that really makes you go “yuck” and you have to rethink the whole project. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but well, I didn’t want any color surprises this time. So, yes I wound it. And yes, one ball does appear to be smaller than the other. That is because the second one took longer and therefore I think I wound it more loosely. It ended up having two cut-and-tied places. Neither one affected the color sequence, but one looked like it might affect the size of the stripe. Cross your fingers for me on that one.
I seem to have quite a few knitting projects planned, so I feel I’m probably getting too little knitting done right now. Maybe I shouldn’t spend so much time playing on the internet either?
So, what are you planning for summer knitting?

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Terese said...

Fun to see the buttons on the vest. They look gorgeous with that yarn!

Summer knitting... well I'm actually about to start an Icarus shawl soon. My biggest lace project this far.