Monday, June 16, 2008

So Much to Tell, So Little to Show

The Sock Boot Camp went well. The day started out a little iffy when I started having vertigo right after breakfast, fortunately Chris lives close by and agreed to give me a ride. I did start feeling better once I got to work and got-to-work! We had a small but steady turn-out and met lots of new-to-sock knitting-knitters. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so I have no documentary pictures to show off all the fun we had. Chris took some and maybe she’ll send them to Linda to add to the shop website. We think we’ll do another similar event in the fall, but without the “Official” sponsorship. (Of course we’ll call it something else too!).

I did get a little KIPing done in honor of WWKIP day. DH took me out for dinner since I worked all day and I knit between ordering and eating. But sadly, again, no pictures; I thought about getting out the cell phone and kinearing myself or having DH take one, but I was in the middle of (pattern) row one on Aquaphobia, and well, that’s just not a good row to interrupt. I’m close to the heel on the second sock, so maybe I’ll have pictures of a finished pair by the end of the week (optimistically).

Since finishing up baby things freed up some knitting time for projects besides socks, I decided to design a dish cloth. After graphing the sketch, I spent most of last evening knitting; ripping, re-knitting, tinkering with stitch placement, tinking, thinking… well it’s about half-way there, but not photo-worthy by any means! I may go get more yarn and knit a second one because there are a few mistakes I left alone just for the sake of getting on with the knitting. I also think I might need to go down a needle size. We’ll just consider the on that’s on the needles right now the “prototype.” Hee, hee.

The catnip mice got finished Friday morning. I had to put them in the car as soon as I was done because Saucey was very interested in the project once I got the catnip container out. They were a big hit with the shower honoree (and her cats). Here's a picture I can show!

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Happyplace. said...

These are so cute! I'm trying to decide who'd love these more, my kids or my cat...or me!