Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stitches Midwest Report

I had a nice time. I checked out the free fashion show, attended a class, and of course checked out the market. I really didn’t have too much that I needed to buy, so I enjoyed looking around the market mostly to see what is new, to check out gadgets and books and of course feel-up as much yarn as possible. I stayed with my wish list as far as purchases went. I made one substitution for an item I couldn’t find, and I bought one item left over from the Midwest Fiber and Folk fest list (the vendor had a better selection this time). There were several items that I will be giving serious consideration and possibly putting on my wish list for Christmas. I also WON a prize at the banquet which was cool and received a lovely parting gift just for attending. Since posting pictures of each individual would make both blogger and I crazy, I’ll just give you an overview. There are also a few freebies in this pic! Clockwise from top: Interlacements sock kit(Door prize), 2 skeins of yarn& pattern; Yarnzone sample; Creatively Dyed Yarn 100% Merino fingering; free patterns; Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn; Heartland Knits Fanning the flames sock pattern; XRX Guy Knits (parting gift); Addi Turbo Lace needles size 4/47”; Debbie McComber Twenty Wishes (autographed); amazing wall of stash yarn samples; SWTC Bag (underneath) and sample skein of Cherry Tree Hill yarn. the only thing not in this picture is: Debra’s Garden Spiral Needle gauge… isn’t that the coolest thing ever? It can be worn as a pendant, attached to a key ring, used as a zipper pull, whatever it takes to keep it handy! (and it’s purple!) My Class was excellent. The instructor Candace Eisner Strick was enlightening and entertaining. She introduced us to several different ways to intentionally put holes in knitting to create different pattern effects, here’s my swatches: Clockwise from top left: Zauberglockhen (little magic bells); The Strick hole; Fluct Nach Kenilworth / one row buttonhole (on same swatch) and Kleeblatt (cloverleaf) .
I’m sure I’ll find uses for a couple of these techniques! I came home tired, but filled to the brim with information and having made several new knitting acquaintances while getting a chance to chat and catch up with a few previous ones. To borrow a phrase “Too much good stuff… “

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Karen said...

Oh how great!!!! Your loot all looks fabulous and those swatches are wonderful. Sounds like an awesome time!!