Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Traveled and Unraveled

This weekend, we traveled to Des Moines to visit DH’s family. Since Saucey is now a ‘special needs’ kitty (insulin twice daily) that means that the kitties have to travel with us since we don’t have anyone close enough (or willing enough) to take on administering her medicine. This is not really a problem since the cats travel well by car and our trips are usually short. The only challenge we faced this time around is that SIL and her husband now have 4 dogs since their newly adopted ‘second dog’ had pups last fall. We usually stay with them when we visit Des Moines and so we weren’t sure how they would react to the dogs. Here’s a little glimpse of how the trip went… Are we there yet?
What is that down there? Puppies! Puppies everywhere… ('mom' Dabney and pup Monte.... pup Hugo)
I didn’t get very many good pictures because the cats hid most of the time (looking out occasionally from a strategic vantage point) and because generally the dogs were in constant motion. Winston (the oldest dog) didn't make it into any at all.
(Monte and Hugo 'wrestling')
We had a nice visit and made it home safely, the kitties are happy to be back on their own turf and I’m still trying to get back into the groove.
Knitting wise, things have been slightly less than promising. I did make some progress on the MIL sweater (back is finished, one front is half done).
DD’s sweater, not so good. I got about halfway through the sleeve and realized the stitch count was out of whack. Since we didn’t have access to the internet, I had to wait until we got home to look up the pattern errata on line to be sure there wasn’t some tragic mistake. Okay there was… my inability to decipher the pattern instructions… so I had to frog it back to the cuff… sigh… but never fear, it’s quick knitting when you actually do it right!
The horseshoe cable sock made it through the heel turn and gusset with out incident, but so far I’ve knit the same 8 rows on the foot twice
And if that wasn’t enough unraveling there was also a slight yarn-winding incident that left me with a highly tangled skein of yarn that took 3 tries to get undone and rewound. All is good now.
May your 2009 be filled with many happy hours of knitting and many finished projects!


Lynn said...

I'm impressed the kitties did so well! I've traveled with cats from NY to Florida (we were moving) and that was quite the experience!

Karen said...

Happy New Year. Sounds like the kitties did much better than the knitting. Give Saucey a special pet from one diabetic knitter to a cute little diabetic kitty.

Carol said...

Glad the kitties and doggies got along so well. The picture of the cats looking through the railing reminded me of our cats when we had an English bulldog and family visit us a few months ago. We put a child guard on the steps to make sure they could have their own turf, but it ended up not being entirely necessary.