Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold Plus Cold

Between the snowfalls and extreme cold weather we’ve had plus coming down with a winter head cold, I have had plenty of knitting time lately. I’m slowly recovering from the cold, and we’ve been busy getting DH ready for his departure to Alaska. I’m having a bit of denial that his absence is going to be more than the routine. I guess I’ll figure it out after a couple of weeks go by and he doesn’t come home. Thursday night at knit group I finished the raglan shaping for the hoodie sleeves, which are now blocked and waiting to be attached to the body of the sweater, once that is accomplished, all that’s left is the hood. Yeah! I also knit a super warm hat for DH to wear while he is in Alaska.

Yarn is Ultra Alpaca in dark grey; double stranded Pattern is “Warm and Ready” from Knitters Winter 07 (also the cover pattern from Guy Knits) Needles size 9

This pattern is about the quickest hat to knit up for a man’s hat and looks great. I didn’t get a shot of him modeling, but, hey it’s a hat. He loves it.

I worked a bit more on the MIL sweater… it’s coming along at a reasonable pace. And finally, I started another pair of socks, but I’ll leave those for the next post because there’s much to say.
I hope you're warm wherever you are!


SciFiTVFanGirl said...

Hope you get over your cold soon!

Becca said...

I'm a big advocate of deployment denial! It can get you through the first few months at least. And well...there are worse places than Alaska, as I'm sure you know. Maybe he'll have time to find some cool yarn for you. I do hope it goes by quickly and easily for both of you.

Becca said...
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