Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Significant Changes

From the weather section in today’s Tribune…

Sure, a cold spell is coming… in January… and you call that news? Well, now, what’s significant about this picture isn’t the arrival of more cold weather as suggested by the title, but the little weather charts below the title. The chart compares the normal temperature range for January (-30 to -40 c) to the temperatures that AK has actually had for the past week(-38 to -45 c). Brrr…. The reason this is of any concern at all, is because DH has just received orders from the Army recalling him to active duty and sending him on a one-year deluxe vacation mobilization to Northern Alaska. He’ll be leaving this month, so it’s happening very fast. This will be a significant change here at Nana’s house. (Not to mention for DH too!) It’s been in the works for a while, but it was difficult to think about (or discuss) until the reality of the orders happened. The Army didn’t invite me to come along, so I will be holding down the fort here in relatively warm IL. We know the location could be worse and are very thankful he’s going somewhere that I will be able to visit (eventually).

I’m sure the kitty girls and I will all be just fine, but life will be different for sure. I plan on going there once or twice for a visit, since I’ve always wanted to visit AK anyway. We’ve had little short separations of a week or less, but this will be a real challenge. DH and I really have been fortunate that since we’ve met we’ve really not had to spend any real time away from each other. So, to say that things here are a little bit in an uproar is, well an understatement. Otherwise, life here is almost back to normal after the holidays.

Knitting is progressing at a comfortable pace and we’re getting back into the weekly work routine. Of the projects I’ve been working on lately, here’s a little progress report: Horseshoe Cable sock #1 is finished; sock two will be cast on during the first class on 1/12. Santa Cruz Hoodie – sleeves are coming right along, I hope to begin the raglan shaping on both sleeves tonight (I worked separately to the start of shaping and am going to work in two-at-a-time method for raglan tops).

MIL Sweater, back and left front are finished; right front is started. Will not tempt fate for breaking camera with picture taking… suffice it to say that less stitches did not improve the color distribution of this yarn.
Cast-on for the loop through scarf from 101 One Skein Wonders with Dream in Color Classy in … here’s a peek at the progress. This will mostly be at-work knitting, so may be a slow project, but so far it’s a fun one. The next thing to be cast on will be a nice warm hat for DH to wear in AK… better get started on that… the clock is ticking!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your husband is being sent to AK, but I'm glad you're not moving too.

The knitting looks wonderful, as always. A warm hat sounds like a good plan :-)

When does he leave?