Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Rambles

I just frogged 10” of the MIL sweater due to a 10 row difference between the pattern rows and start of the armhole from the left front to the right front (I was ready to cast off when that little voice told me to compare the two… ) Sigh. So after washing dishes, vacuuming, two phone calls and surfing around my favorite blogs, I find I’m not quite ready to face the knitting music… But It was a good day overall. I now have a pattern on Raverly. Go type “mitten decorations” into the pattern search and see what pops up! And There was good news from Texas There was also a good report from South Carolina And some good things coming together at the shop …Even though it would be premature to say too much about anything right now. All and all, I have many good thoughts buzzing around in my brain right now Maybe I‘ll go tackle that sweater after all.

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