Thursday, February 11, 2010

I went and did it

I took a deep breath and registered for the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics! I had been kicking the idea around of just sort of making the time frame a personal challenge when a couple of knitting friends declared their interest and since I generally have more knitting time than other people I decided I could rise to the occasion (I hope)I put this as my project, but I also intend to attempt to finish my Bi-color Cables sweater and hope to get those silly white anklets done before then as well.

 (On your marks....)
Wish me luck!

Fast and Furiously knitting!



Karen said...

You can do it!!! Go you!!! I decided I'm not signing up, but I'm doing my own unofficial Knitting Olympics. I've been working on a prayer shawl for my aunt and I don't want to put it aside for the duration of the Olympics. So I'm going to make my event to finish the shawl and block it, and knit a chemo cap too, and have them ready to send to my aunt by the time the flame goes out.

KnitNana said...

I do wish you luck, and that smoke ring is gorgeous! I love Jackie's patterns.
I know you can do all this!