Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fun Finds and Other Knitting Topics

Yesterday DH and I decided to venture out to a favorite haunt that we hadn’t been to visit yet since we’ve been back in the area. It’s a combination Antique shop and Auto Museum. There are antiques, collectibles and lots of vintage and specialty cars. It’s a nice compromise for a Saturday outing. I spent the morning poking about the antiques and he went and ogled the cars. Fortunately he didn’t see anything he could afford to buy (Hee, hee). But I found a few nifty things. The first thing I found was a cute little statue of a cat hugging a ball of yarn (how perfect is that!). The kitty kind of looks like Zelda and it’s hugging a huge ball of yarn proportionally. It’s actually a string holder. You put a ball of twine into the ball of yarn and there’s a little hole at the top where the string can be pulled through. It had some slight damage and was a reasonable buy at around 6 dollars. I didn’t notice until I pulled the price sticker off that it was made by Fitz and Floyd which is one of my favorite collectible makers. I’ll probably put it on my desk with some twine or scrap yarn for the occasional need to tie something together for whatever reason. Next I found 6 vintage Pattern leaflets from Leisure Arts and Unger (with copyrights between 1979 and 1987) for a whopping $5.00 (for all 6). How could I resist. My friends at knitting group will get a kick out of them. Plus, a couple of the patterns are actually not bad. The real find though, were the vintage nylon circular needles I got 2 of them for $2.00 each. Practically a steal! I also found some steel ones with the wire cables which weren’t in great condition. They were 40% off the $16.00 sticker price. Not bad. I already have a couple sets of these and they aren’t much fun to knit with, but I’m thinking about using them for some sort of shadow box display for the office / craft room. I started to take pictures but it actually clouded up when I was rounding up everything. The pictures might be a little dark, but here’s a look see.

March knitting is off to a fine start. I fixed my mittens:

(Of course, NOW, the temperatures are above 40 degrees and it’s raining…) (hmpf)

Anyway, if you like my mittens check out these: Jared's Kuryeon Gloves. He humbles me with his creativity and skill.

I finished my part of the super-secret group project that one of my knitting groups is doing. (Sorry no picture – it’s a surprise).

Here’s the big project I have planned for March… I don’t know if I can knit the whole thing this month, but I plan to get it started! Diagonal Delight Vest (Kit by Shelridge Farms)

Oh, please let me clarify something in Friday’s post. Some of the comments led me to think that I was a little misleading. My writing must have gotten as complex as my February knitting.

To clarify; I actually knit 2 pair of socks in February. I know my swap partner is an occasional reader so I deliberately avoided posting any pictures or details of the second pair of socks that will be going to her. The knitting was a little complicated because I was doing new techniques in both patterns. I really liked both patterns and wanted to make sure I met my self imposed deadline to finish them both in February, so I was alternating between the two. (It’s not likely that I will try anything that crazy again, too soon.) I promise, though, that once the box is safely in the mail and it won’t spoil her surprise, I will post the details and pictures of the second pair of socks I knit in February. I think they turned out even better than the Annetrelac socks and hope to knit myself a pair down the road!


Becca said...

I love the little cat with the yarn ball! That would be just thing to keep your scrap yarn in.

katalina said...

Saw your Wish List on RAKs and thought I'd pay your blog a visit.
Sounds like you had a great day antiquing. Haven't had a chance to do that in quite a while. I'm retired too and loving it.

katalina said...
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