Monday, March 3, 2008

Reposted Spring Sneak Peek

Note: I took down the first version of this post because there was a viral comment attached and I did not know how else to delete that comment. Beware of comments posted by a blogger named Yokora.

This weekend’s pleasant temperatures were a little teaser for spring, but alas, didn’t last very long. We’re back to forecasts for temperatures in the 20s and 30s.

Fortunately it seemed to revitalize me a little. Since I already finished one of my projects for March, I took some time yesterday to organize my projects for March. That’s always a good feeling to have something crossed off the list and enthusiasm about what’s next to do. Then, I got started on the baby sweater for little Alanta. I chose the Feather and Fan Baby Sweater from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders. So far it is coming along nicely. I had a little problem with doing the first pattern repeat – I think it was because we were watching racing and it doesn’t really help you count the knitting when they start talking about laps and pole positions and other number heavy commentary. Once I figured out what I did and corrected it, and the race was over, it went just fine. I’m a big fan of feather and fan patterns because they are so simple to knit, but look like you slaved over the knitting. Also, speaking of teasers; just for fun this morning I did a quick little project from the Kitty Knits book. Details will be coming up next week. I’ll be interviewing the Author here on my blog next Wednesday so I thought I’d try a couple of the patterns as part of the interview. My March KAL socks will also be a pattern from this book.


Anne-Marie Cordeau said...

Hello Nana,

Thank you for your message about Yokora. He (or she) left a "viral" comment on my blogue. I have deleted my message and resubmit a new version.

Take care and have a nice day!

KnitNana said...

So pretty! And yes, I love F&F patterns, too, for that very reason!