Monday, June 1, 2009

The Knitter Prevails

I give you Scallops:
The Scallop socks put up a small fight, but in the end; the knitter prevailed. I finished these in record time considering that when I picked them up on Wednesday I had frogged one complete sock already and had to frog the start of the second due to knitterly difficulties. Since the cuff was only about 24 rounds deep, these actually should have been a quick knit and once I got all of the mistakes out of the way, they were. The socks are short anklets with a ribbed lace design. My idea was that they would be worn with Mary Jane's or clogs that would only allow a portion of the pattern to show. The ribbed texture and gentle curve over the instep sort of reminds me of the top of a scallop shell. Here's a few more views so you can see a little more of the design:
My own pattern Yarn: Classic Elite Summer Sox in Melon Size 2.5 double point needles
Now I’m on to some more baby things, a few shop samples and a pair of blue socks, because I’ve had an urge to knit blue socks. Blue, blue blue; yay blue!
I have a busy month of June coming up with three classes to teach and a trip to Columbus, OH for TNNA, so stay tuned, I should have a lot of knitting to post!
Last, but not least, think good thoughts for Saucey, she had to take a trip to the ER Vet yesterday due to showing symptoms for a UTI. She's on an antibiotic now, so hopefully that will do the trick, and until she improves I'll just keep following her around the house with paper towels, sigh.
Have a good and knitty week!


KnitNana said...

Very cute!

Karen said...

Hurray, I knew you could banish those FROGS!!!! So sorry to hear about Saucey - sending good thoughts to her. After a great recovery yesterday, K.C. seems a bit more under the weather today too - I'm hoping her stitches aren't getting infected. Poor kitties.