Sunday, November 18, 2007

Has Anybody Seen My Ambition?

Wow, Terminator Thursday led to Fizzle Friday. Maybe it’s the gray skies of November sucking all the strength from my being.

Of the things I’d hoped to accomplish Thursday, I didn’t get much further than the list I posted.

I did manage to finish the (never-ending) Elfin Hat on Saturday. I liked the pattern and may yet do another to add to the pile of hats for PADS, but not right away. I had to rip a good 3 inches of the pattern and then after finally reaching the ribbing, ripped another four inches of ribbing (out of six) before getting it right. The pattern didn’t require it, but my ribbing was too loose and I decided I needed to switch to a smaller needle for the ribbing.
Much better result! Look:

Last night I cast on for a plain jane stockinette stitch cap just so I could get one more done this weekend. It’s about halfway done. The SWS sock got as far as the gusset at knit-night. I can only work on that project when Hubby is not around as it is one of his Christmas gifts. Sigh!

The cross-stitch pattern went missing after I decided to make and I used up most of my energy just trying to find it. So I looked at, but haven’t started. Maybe I’ll get it going later tonight.

BTW, the pic above is of Zelda raiding the pantry. She can't resist an open door to anywhere. She's sitting on top of the container we keep the kitty food in!


sharon said...

It's parked besides mine right now. After a busy weekend, I'm praying the gurls go to bed soon!

Karen said...

Isn't if funny how ambition goes in spurts? But with that never-ending hat done and another hat started, it does sound like you're getting somewhere.

Zelda looks so cute perched there on the food container!! :)