Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Not much

Not much noteworthy to post about today. I'm still working on the three projects mentioned in yesterday's post. Aside from that I did get one gift item done which will be posted on ravelry-but not here due to giftee being a reader. I also got a pair of DH's pants hemmed. Woo hoo! Last pair unless he buys more. He has short legs so he sort of falls between the two closest standard mens pants lengths in ready-to-wear. Since the shorter length is really too short - that means all new pants must be hemmed. He bought 5 pair recently. I've been getting them done inbetween other things. Hemming is not my favorite task. Zelda gave me a scare when she fell out of the (10 foot high) window over the door. She was doing that weird kitty thing when she runs around like her tail is on fire and ran over and jumped into the window, tried to execute a turn and well.... WHUMP! I think she landed on her feet because she ran up the stairs just as fast as she had run around the room right before that. The good news is she was okay. I know this because when I tried to check her out she decided I was the cause of aforementioned tail-o-fire and tried to attack me. She fell and I'm the one with scratches - go figure!

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Jodi said...

Poor Zelda and poor you! My Kylie likes to run around like a crazy cat for a short time each morning. She's old and a wee bit rotund, so she doesn't do too many crazy stunts anymore.

Love the look of the SWS socks! Definitely on my to-knit list.