Tuesday, February 5, 2008


A new candidate has emerged who might be the unifier we need. Check out Dolores’ declaration today.

Too bad I didn’t see this post until after I voted! On a slightly related note, have you seen this Economic Plan?

In other more mundane matters; I’m still going at the ILG Sock, but am very near the toe shaping so that makes me very happy. I forgot to mention that I had cast on for the Annentrelac Sock (IK Holiday Knits Issue). Or maybe I did mention it previously and forgot that I did… Well anyway, they are the “February” socks for my SAM5 KAL and have been a back-burner knit due to my working on the ILG, sneaking in the slippers I just and generally finding other non-knitting things to do. Here’s what I’ve got so far… 2 inches of ribbing and the base triangles for the entrelac portion, Whee!

Not much else to write about, other than balancing the checkbook, putting out a few Valentines day decorations and inhaling a lung-full of coffee after reading above linked post I’m just sort of kicking back and catching up today.

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