Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hurry March!

I can’t wait until St. Patty’s day…. That’s when, according to the Ground hog, the last six weeks of winter should be over… ha, ha! Well, fortunately we didn’t get the big snow that the initial forecasts were predicting; we just ended up with a fresh dusting to cover the grimy gray snow that was already there. Unfortunately, despite the rain, nothing melted, sigh… the rain was followed by falling temperatures so it just added a layer of ice in-between, so now we have ice spots and crunchy crusty snow. Yech! Today and tomorrow temperatures are supposed to be in the teens. (Thinking warm green thoughts…..)

I made some knitted progress on both pairs of socks yesterday. I got the ribbing and the row of triangles done on the second Annetrelac sock and I’m almost to the heel flap on the second secret swap sock. (Say that three times fast!). No pics, sorry. (The one of the Annetrelac sock looks pretty much like the one I posted of the 1st sock and you’ll have to wait until the swap package is mailed to see the secret socks).

I can show you this… before I forget again… last Wednesday I got [this] in the mail. There will be more about it in March so watch this space!

Check out my new look. Many thanks to Anne aka Irish99 from ravelry!


Terese said...

Haha, and here I am, thinking it's kind of scary not having enough snow and cold. We haven't even had REAL winter here this season. Every jan-feb there's a period when the temperature drops to around -30 degrees celcius, or -22 degrees Fahrenheit. But there haven't been any this year. The words global warming keeps eccoing in my ears. Scary...

Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. That's always nice. :)

mama k said...

Fun book! I like that pink sweater on the front. Too funny.

PS RAK from Ravelry!

anne said...

Oh it looks so nice on your blog! :) I'm happy to help!