Thursday, February 28, 2008

It’s Magic!

Round and round and round she goes,
All that’s left to knit is the toes…

I took on finishing these socks as a “fearless knitter” challenge. Due to my lack of faith in the quantity of yarn, I wanted to make sure that both socks had the exact same number of rows before the toes started. So, I plunged into doing two socks with “magic loop” to see if it would speed up the process any! Wow! The only previous experience I have had with the “magic loop” technique was a class at stitches and then I did the secret swap socks individually on magic loop, but not both at the same time. What a difference it makes to do them both at once. I can’t explain it, but it just seemed to go so much faster. Of course it helps that this was straight stockinette with just the gusset decreases for a few rows.

Now of course I would be remiss not to show you this…

That’s all the yarn that was left when I got to the last row before switching to the gold for the toes. Fearless knitting indeed!

The next sock frontier is toe up!

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Jodi said...

Those are really neat! I've never tried that technique.