Thursday, February 7, 2008

Life the way Saucey Sees it.

Saucey Here….

I’m just jumping in to tell you that the rumors about me needing rehab are entirely untrue. I can hold my nip as well as the next cat. Zelda, on the other paw…. She gets crazy and tries to scale appliances and stuff!

See for yourself… Things have been, shall we say, gloomy around the house here. Yesterday, the sky was full of white stuff, all day. It got so bad, even the windows were covered. Mommy opened the door to the deck once and I peeked out… couldn’t see much but the white stuff in the air smelled just like water, so I had the good sense not to go out. Mommy wasn’t in much of a good mood today. She slept so late and then moped around the house and complained about ‘sore muscles’ whatever that is. I don’t think I even saw her sit in her knitting chair once. She did go to the store, but she didn’t bring home any kitty treats. Just that round thing in the big flat box that daddy really seems to go for. I think she likes him best, hmpf. The mailman must have stayed away yesterday because of the white stuff, cuz when mommy checked the mail she brought in a great big stack. Then she spent lots of time looking at the new knitting magazines that the he brought. I think she likes one of the sweaters she saw because she spent an extra amount of time looking at that one.

Well, I think it’s getting close to supper time; I better go make sure to tell mommy and daddy so they don’t forget to feed us. That’s one of my really important jobs here. Oh, yeah, and keeping Zelda off the bed. (maybe some day mommy will let me do what I really want which is to start my own advice column…. If you think this is a good idea, you should let mommy know… don’t you think “Ask Saucey” has a nice ring to it?).

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