Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Musings

Super Bowl is history and now we’re headed for Super Tuesday…. So don’t forget to vote! Whether you watched the game because you are a fan of one or the other team, just for the commercials or because you are like me and have a sports fan living in your house, and are therefor obliged to watch pretty much any playoff/bowl/sudden-death/tournament type thingy that comes along... you have to admit that it was a very exciting foot ball game. We personally didn’t care much about the outcome since the Packers, the Bears or ahem… the Rams weren’t playing. Our thinking was that if the Patriots won it would be the perfect end to the perfect season… if NY won… they got a parade… oh yeah, and it’s always fun to see the underdog win. (And it was!). Not to mention that it’s pretty neat to see brothers win in back to back seasons.

I needed something uncomplicated to work on while we were watching the big game, so I knitted these. I’ve done this pattern several times so it’s pretty much a no-brainer for me.

Pattern: Special Occasion Slippers from Socks, Socks, Socks (XRX)
Yarn: Handspun Shetland Wool (Worsted) from The Yarn Farm, Kewaunee WI (Purchased at the WI State Fair)
Size 6 dpn needles

When I bought this yarn, I had no specific plans, but I figured something would come along. I always like to buy a bit of yarn or something when we go to events or travel. Yarn makes the best souvenirs by far. It’s a fun thing when you buy it because you are excited over the find and it’s a fun thing when you get to knit with it because you remember when and where you bought it and you get to enjoy the memories all over again. We went to the fair one Saturday after DH played baseball, it had been a pleasant morning, but after walking around the fair for a little bit checking out the exhibits and finding something to eat (and buying yarn of course) we went into an exhibit hall, then came out to a little sprinkle, which quickly progressed to a heavier rain fall. We ducked into another exhibit hall, walked around while peeking outside occasionally, then once it looked dryer headed for the car before it decided to rain again. It was a really nice day. (Oh and I seem to remember potato pancakes, pork tenderloin and apple cinnamon donuts, yum!)

Over the weekend DH and I found another small organizing project (read: ‘excuse for going to the container store’) and while we were down that way, I talked him into letting me stop by the yarn shop. (Happy Dance). He’s so good to me. I really ONLY went in there for some needles… really… I did… but look what somehow ended up in my bag when I was all checked out and in the car heading home:

Oops! Is that a skein of Noro Sock yarn over there?

I worked on the I Love Gansey Sock a bit and have gotten the heel turned. I have enjoyed working with this pattern and will probably make another pair down the road.
Hopefully I can use a slightly different yarn/gauge combo as working with the aluminum size 000 needles is giving me a blister/callus on the joint of my pinkie finger (yuck). I hope to finish it off tonight!


Becca said...

I love those slippers! They look perfect for avoiding my cold tile floors.

sharon said...

I'm sorry the needles are causing you pain for the ILG. I tried it with larger needles and didn't like how it knit up. You are doing great. That Noro looks great - I just made a Lizard Ridge Square with a skein of silk garden and am weaving in the ends. I couldn't put it down.
The slippers are really nice looking. I think I need to put a pair on.