Friday, February 8, 2008

S’No Exaggeration.

I don’t want you to think I was exaggerating about the amount of snow we got this week. The weather services 'official' total for our city was 13.5 inches. (Not counting the dusting we had this morning). But that’s just counting what fell… The real measurement is here:

The piles of snow that amass once the plowing and shoveling are done. Note the position of the street sign relative to the top of the mound.

And apparently Mother Nature does not think we have enough. That is if you can believe that Doppler radar forecast. *Sigh*

But enough already; I’m trying to remain focused and upbeat. If I can’t go out, I still have plenty of yarn and needles and patterns… endless possibilities.

I’d really only be hard up if I was stuck snowed in somewhere with just one project.

I can’t show the progress on the secret swap sock, but I can tell you that I figured out a timesaver for that pattern… you’ll just have to wait until the swap package is sent off… so until then, you’ll have to settle for this:

The Annetrelac sock is up to 5 repeats of the rectangles. I’m switching off between the two pairs to keep things interesting and to make sure I finish them both before the end of the month.

BTW… the maintenance crew finally showed up and has begun to shovel the snow off the front stairs. (All that is left of what DH didn’t already do) Please, please, please finish the path to the mailbox .... (Oooh, be still my heart, they are putting down salt too!)

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Becca said...

That yarn is wonderful with that pattern! When I see that snow, I just think, "That is why one needs a plentiful stash!"