Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow Bound

I’m sure I’m probably the millionth or so upper Midwest blogger to post about the incredible amount of snow we got in the last two days, but I just thought I’d show you the view from my deck this morning:

I don’t know the official totals, but I think it was somewere over 14 inches... to give you an idea, the city plow only came thru once, and because our maintenance crews haven’t been here yet at all, it took both me and DH shoveling for half an hour to get a path wide enough just for him to get the car into the driveway and pull in the garage. I guess I’ll feel that tomorrow.

On the upside, not being able to go out is great for knitting … the I Love Gansey socks are now a complete pair. These socks are kind of hard to photograph, so here’s a view on the blockers and one on my feet.

There was literally no way I was going anywhere today. DH called me from work and told me not even to try. As if I would ….

After my chores were finished, I hunkered down with my good friends; Holly, 'Fred' and Cat (sigh) and spent time knitting. I have a couple of projects going so I worked on each a little bit, first my entrelac socks then my secret pals socks… which are a secret, so I won’t reveal anything about the yarn or the pattern until she gets them… but I have learned a new technique and am getting practice using the magic loop.

So wherever you are tonight, stay safe and comfortable and wish us the best in being able to get out tomorrow!


Jodi said...

Those socks are unbelievably gorgeous!

I stayed home today, too, and avoided the weather. It wasn't nearly as bad in the city, though.

sharon said...

HOoray - the socks are done!! I helped - tee hee...
They look exactly the same!!! great job!!!

SciFiTVFanGirl said...

Geez...all that snow. You know, it was seventy something degrees out when I left for work yesterday, thirty one today, and is supposed to be in the sixties if you move to Texas, you won't have all that snow to worry about...but you will have a harder time planning your wardrobe in advance. Heh heh, I'll get you down here someday though.

Also those socks are amazing. :o)

Well done.