Friday, February 29, 2008

Leapin’ Day!

Some leapin’ Leap Friday thoughts…

Yippee! (sorry about the dark pics... took these as soon as I finished last night around 9:15). The Entrelac Socks are finished. I have to admit, all the trouble with this project didn't stop me from loving the pattern. Most of the problems were between the knitter and the needles anyhow (like not reading the actual yardage on both the yarn label and pattern before starting to knit.. hee, hee)
“Cosmic Socks” Project Details:
Annetrelac Socks from Holiday Knits 2007 (Interweave)
Socks that Rock in Space Dust and Almost There by in Creatively Dyed in Lawless #103
Size 0 needles
Started Feb 5, 2008
Finished Feb 28, 2008

Thank goodness for extra time!
I think sometimes I’m just a big goofball. I was trying to hurry up and get my secret swap package in the mail since those socks practically finished themselves. Because I thought I was already at the deadline, I went online to double check the swap details and discovered that I have until the end of March to mail the box. Not that I need to wait that long or plan to mind you… it’s just that I was feeling bad because I didn’t get a chance to really shop around for something extra-special to tuck in with the socks and other little items I had already picked out. So it came as a big relief to find out that I have a little more time to do that.

Upcoming events!
Yesterday we got our notice that tickets are going on sale for the “stitch and pitch” game at Brewers stadium. DH already gave me permission to call and order tickets right away.

My Mailman is a disappointment.
I know I’m supposed to be getting a couple packages… but all he brought today was junk mail.

Empty knitting needles:

Now that the two sock projects for February are complete… I have empty needles. I have so many projects I want to start! Some goals for March (not necessarily in order):
Baby Sweater
Kitty Socks
Diagonal Delight Vest
Super-secret group knitting project contribution
Maybe 2 or 3 hats?

(Although, that could be too ambitious, March isn’t as long as February, you know.)

Finally, since winter doesn’t seem to plan on leaving for at least a week or two, I think I’ll go fix those Noro mittens while I think about which pattern I want to cast on first.


Marguerite said...

Very pretty socks. Good choice on yarn to accent the pattern. Your swap partner is going to love them.

sharon said...

the socks look great - I was concerned about the way the lighter colour was showing up in contrast online, but they look absolutely gorgeous. I haven't forgot you, I just need to clean up from renovation nightmare in order to find the stuff I know is here for you.

smittenknitten said...

Those socks are very pretty, you have one lucky swap partner!

Jean said...

Hope to see you at the Brewer's Game - was fun to meet you & your DH there last year. BTW- he took a great photo of my sister & me, which my parents have prominently displayed.
And did you ever knit up the Maize sock yarn?


Anonymous said...

The socks are amazing. I so want to knit a pair but I am afraid. :) I guess I will eventually have to be brave and fearless and do it anyway. I can't believe you knit them for a swap. What a lucky swap partner you have.