Thursday, October 18, 2007

Here's what's on my mind today...

Wow, I mailed my HSS Pal’s box on Monday and she got it yesterday and has already posted to her blog about it! The USPS outdid itself. I’ve been happily working away on mushroom cap #2 and it should be finished before knit night tonight. The Surf socks are still moving slowly, but I think I can still finish them in time to count as my October SAM4 socks. I’ll probably just be one of the late posters this month is all.

Right now, I’m looking at a ridiculously blue sky with pretty (if a little measly) puffy white clouds out my window. Why is this relevant? Well, last night on the news, the lead story was the weather forecaster who was all gloom and doom talking of large Hail and possible Tornado’s… okay those clouds just don’t look like they could produce hail, tornado’s or even actual rain for that matter. Maybe there’s something coming in from somewhere else, but really, weather people – did we need all the drama?? Couldn’t you have just let the anchor guy spend another 5 minutes talking about taxation of the unfortunates in Cook County? I went out earlier today and the most vicious aspect of any weather between here and Racine was the wind – typical for this time of year I might add.

Dang; just checked in with Vicki Howell and Knitty Gritty is yet another repeat I’ve seen several times… hurry up with that new season woman!

On a completely different topic, if you remember my rant from September about DFAS and their barely sufficient customer service, I just wanted to note that I finally got the rest of my pay today. Can you believe that? 46 days to resolve a pay issue! I suppose I should be grateful that it only took 46 days, count my blessings that it could have been worse, so on and so forth, so forgive me but, I’m still feeling slightly miffed and outraged at the thought that this agency thinks this is an acceptable level of customer service!!!

Okay enough yakking…. Here’s a pretty fall-like fruit arrangement for your viewing and my dining pleasure.

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sharon said...

I missed your rant, however I always find it funny that if you are owed, it takes a while but if they over pay you, they take it before you can blink.
I am going to swatch for your sock tonight. I have 4 different yarns to choose from. or, if I swatch with all of them, you have four!!