Monday, October 8, 2007

A Tale of Two Socks

This weekend was a little bit of a whirlwind travel weekend. My hubby has been promising his family a visit, so since he had today off for Columbus Day, he decided we should drive to Des Moines, IA on Saturday. Fine, great, 6 hour drive, lots of knitting time! Well I did actually get some knitting accomplished.

Since we left just after the morning paper arrived, 1st there was that to read. Then I did settle into a good knitting groove. I was making excellent progress on the HSS sock and we were almost to Des Moines when I did the thing where you smooth and stretch your work out to admire it and then…. Uh, oh! There it was a big mistake – right at the end of the pattern rows.... grrr…4 ½ hours of knitting … wasted.

So I did the only logical thing; put it in impound and got out the other sock OTN to work on. That’s the surf sock which is kind of slow going right now because I’m stopping every other row to make note of what I’m doing. I want to get the charting done while I’m working on it so I can write up the pattern. The good news is my SIL took me to one of the local yarn shops near where she lives. It is a very nice shop and I found a couple of goodies for my HSS pal. So once the sock is done, the box will be quick to put together. We also went to JoAnne to look for fabric to slipcover an ottoman she wants to update. I found the fabric I needed to line the felted purse, so that project is very near completion.

On Sunday, we left a lot later than we thought we would, so the knitting didn’t progress too much further (it had to be called on account of darkness).

Today was more about laundry and errands and keeping DH company, so I only got a few rounds done while waiting for him to get a hair cut. That went like this: knit 1 round, begin second round, knit across needle 1 and partway across two; notice mistake, fiddle with stitches to fix “mistake” knit to next needle, recognize mistake was not a mistake, because it was on the needle not knit yet… tink back two rounds, update chart, knit 1 round. Put sock back in bag, go grocery shopping.

Next up: frogging the HSS sock and trying to finish it.

Mostly, I have had some sort of sinus-allergy-traveling related doozy of a headache all weekend. Do you think this is why I’m making all of these silly mistakes in my knitting?

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SciFiTVFanGirl said...

Bleh, sinus headaches are the worst. I hope it clears up for you soon! *hugs*