Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Time Management ha, ha

After finishing up a few household chores and other things today; I have been totally immersed in ravelry. Bad, I know. Okay not really bad, but time consuming for sure. I played around looking at patterns, added a few things to my notebook and updated more stash. I now have 75% or so of my stash entered. Really, just 3 bins of wool and one of um, acrylic fun yarn left to input.

I also got my to do list re-written as the majority of entries have been crossed off. I generally have a week or two of projects on my list at any given time.

WIP Updates: I finished the first mushroom cap and have cast on for another. This one is in the reverse colors and will be smaller. I finished the HSS sock and mailed the box to my pal yesterday. The first Surf sock is ready for the heel shaping (flap is underway).

I had to fight Saucey for the chair again today, but as you can tell by the longer post, I won… he, he.

So in addition to spending way too much time in ravelry I also had to photograph stash yarn; while I was at it, I took some pictures of what I am fondly referring to as Pre-Ravelry Knitting or pRK.
Here’s a quick peek:

Red Boot Socks (I think this is the first pair I ever knit around 1997 or so, either that or these) Purple striped socks … and some warm gear … My mushroom hat (purple and black circa 1998) and my grey and blue mittens (circa 1996)…
Some more pRK pictures are all out on my flickr site, but I haven’t decided whether I want to waste, ahem, spend time putting them all in Ravelry.

Yikes! I just realized I totally forgot to eat lunch today... now that is bad. I guess the hunger should have been a clue...

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