Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Two stories and an Update

So, it occurs to me that the last post I did about Zelda painted her as a “wild kitty” … which she is still slightly, but she has settled down a lot since we first got her. She has almost overcome my hubby’s angst over her acrobatic skills and has got him swayed. She regularly curls up in his lap for evening snooze now.
She is so funny sometimes. Her latest antics involve turning our things into playthings. Twice she has tried to make off with my watch while I was in the shower. Today she succeeded in knocking it into the wastebasket and if I had had enough foresight to bring the camera in the shower with me, I would have got the funniest picture of her half in the wastebasket trying to fish it back out. Silly me. Earlier (At 4 am) she was trying to make off with a piece of jewelry and wasn’t happy with me getting out of bed and taking it away. The funniest thing though is her fascination with the candy dish that I keep my chocolate in… she is constantly dipping her paw into it trying to fish out a piece and has succeeded on a couple of occasions, luckily I was able to get to the candy she flipped out before she could bat it under something. I guess I should admire her taste in treats!

I’m still making progress on the surf sock and have turned the heel and am headed to the foot via the gusset shaping. Woo, hoo!

I mentioned buying a CD yesterday. The book we are reading for our book club is “It’s All about Him” By Denise Jackson. She is the wife of Alan Jackson and it is her personal testimony. So far I’m enjoying the book. In the book she tells the story of how Alan came to record the Gospel Album Precious Memories I won’t spoil it in case you want to read the book yourself, and I highly recommend it. If you like biographies or personal stories, this is one to try. So, when I was at the retailer-represented-by-a-dog yesterday, I bought the CD. So me being me, I popped the thing out of its protective plastic wrap and into the CD player almost as soon as I got home. Boy what a treat! It’s Alan Jackson, its acoustic… and its old time hymns the way we used to sing them. Great flood of memories, great singing along music… and one great song, if you read the book, which I dare you not to tear up and get sniffly when it plays.

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