Thursday, November 1, 2007

Terminator Thursday

I got this idea earlier in the week when I was looking at the comments on one of the Knitting Daily posts in regards to the recent UFO poll. The commenter stated that she planned to institute a “Fix it, Frog it, or Finish it Friday” to take care of her UFO problem. Well I don’t have a lot of knitting UFO’s but I do have a tendency to put things on my project list and then put them off until they sort of don’t seem worth doing anymore or until some other reason forces me to get them done. I decided I liked the idea of setting aside a day to get things done. I also discovered that most of the projects this happens with are usually not huge; they are just, shall we say, less interesting or challenging than others I may want to work on? So, with that in mind I thought I’d adopt the idea for November at least. Since Thursday is a better day for me to devote chunks of time to doing things I came up with simply “Terminator Thursday”. And here’s what I got done as a result. Two “finishing” projects that were languishing on my list:

1. Fix the handles on the “mitered” purse. I made this purse as a project from my class at Camp Stitches in June, but I didn’t like the handle I made. I bought a leather handle kit at Stitches Midwest in August and the project has been on my list since.

2. Add handles to the purple felted purse. I won’t even say how long this has been on the list, but suffice it to say the felting was done when we still lived in MN. This one really just needed more inspiration. I had bought some handle strap material but didn't like the way it looked and couldn't figure out exactly how I wanted to attach them. I was looking at the silver buttons on the front when a thought came to me that I had some silver cording. Yesss... a cute little evening bag!

The other project that has stalled was the purse I am sewing. I overlooked the handles when I cut the fabric, so I needed to decide what I wanted to do for handles before I could move forward with that. So, I decided on self-fabric handles and cut the fabric for the handles today. I think I can get the rest of the sewing done on this one by the end of the weekend.

Hmm, I just noticed that the common element in all these projects was handles… so I guess you could say I was getting a ‘handle’ on my stalled project problem. (ha, ha)

Other than that; last night I made good progress on the Christmas stocking after looking thru old photos to reassure myself on the order of the colors and I did get half of the hat done. I’m just posting those photos on ravelry. (Sorry). I’ll save the finished ones for here.

On a lighter note; my husband woke me up to tell me that one of the cats (gee, I wonder which?) had gotten into some yarn. He didn’t have time to do anything about it, but, what I found when I got up was a ball of cotton twine wound all around the chair and all over the floor. It's a little hard to see here because the yarn blends in with the floor and I took this picture during the detangling but as you can see, I also got a little help from the guilty party.

Note: no actual knitting yarn was harmed during the telling of this story

That's all for now.... I'll be back


sharon said...

Thanks for the encouragement - the pattern is awesome and it is coming nicely. The heel turn will be the test for this yarn - otherwise I will switch, lickety split and make a different one!

Karen said...

Good for you, looks like you are very motivated and have "a handle on things". (Hee hee, loved that line in your post!!) The kitty and yarn just made me laugh. Luckily, Charlie has yet to show an interest in my yarn - I'm hoping it stays that way!!